It is the term used for this program, since it suggests that the animal is the motivating force that improves the treatment provided by well-trained professionals. 


 These activities involve animals that visit people to obtain motivational, educational or therapeutic benefits. 

 The animals that participate in this program must meet specific criteria. Some of the special animals at Molino the Suenos are being trained to be part of this new adventure. 

Most animals come to Dream Mill in unfortunate conditions, when no one else will take them, when they most need help. We accept these challenges because we believe that every animal has potential and deserves the opportunity to have a better life. 


 We have many success stories and we have seen real transformations. We invite you to follow the journey that these three horses are about to start. If you feel compelled to help, join us as a volunteer or sponsor one of them. 

4/20/14: Thunder, Storm and Arturo have been at Molino de Sueños for three months. With proper care, food and loot of love feel much better and is beginning to show