He was hit on I-35 South in San Antonio. He suffered a severe spinal injury, fractured ribs, multiple fractures in his arms and had a concision of the head. 

He was very confused, scared and in pain. 

After a week of intensive care and orthopedic surgery, he returned to Molino de Sueños and is recovering surrounded by love.  


This is Troy, they found her next to three dead horses that died of starvation. She clung to life and was determined not to die. 

The sheriff contacted us and asked us to take her. Troy seemed very pitiful and had major health problems, such as kidney failure and more. Many people were skeptical about their recovery ... 

After six months of intense love, care and nutrition she began to spin, but with serious problems of trust. Troy is now one in of Molino de Sueños favorites, it's beautiful!