Adoption preparation


 Volunteers working in preparation for adoption use specific behavior modification protocols to help prepare timid and fearful animals for the adoption floor and help them find a new home. This is an advanced voluntary role, open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service. 

Adoption support


Volunteers working in support of adoption provide two important roles to help fulfill our mission. The first is customer assistance on the adoption floor, answering visitors' questions and facilitating visits. The second is animal socialization that helps keep our animals happy, healthy and adoptable. Check the current availability. 

Animal bathers


Volunteers help prepare and bathe the animals available for adoption (mainly dogs) to help them stay healthy and in good shape for prospective adopters, as well as permanent residents at the facility. This is an advanced voluntary role, open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service. 

Animal care assistant


Volunteers working in the care of animals help fulfill the mission by providing animals with clean and comfortable homes that allow them to have happier and finally more adoptable animals. This is an advanced voluntary role, open only to volunteers who have completed at least 36 hours of service. 

Splinter and nail clinic assistant


Volunteers help with our nail and splinter clinics twice a month by checking clients and collecting information about them and their pets and helping our veterinary services department during chipping and nail trimming operations. Check the current availability. 

Dog walker


Volunteers provide dogs awaiting adoption with the necessary exercise and socialization. Volunteers walk dogs in designated areas only on the AHS property. Check the current availability. 

Support for educational programs


 The volunteers who work in this position help the staff of Molino de Sueños and lend them their time and experience to help guarantee great experiences for the young people. Volunteers help educators by making sure that activities run smoothly and that children receive the educational attention they need. There are also opportunities for volunteers to participate more by developing the curriculum and planning and preparing fun and educational activities.
See more in gardening activities and equine therapy programs 

Training support


One of the ways in which Molino de Sueños involves the community to help animals is by providing training and behavioral programming. These programs create well-behaved and manageable pets, which are more likely to remain in their current homes and less likely to end up in the shelter system. Through this work, volunteers play a fundamental role in the maintenance of animals in their homes. This role requires a weekly commitment. No experience is needed.

In addition, our goal is to train some of the animals rescued to be part of our Animal Assisted Therapy Program, Equine Therapy Program, or as Service Dogs, for such a special mission we require special trainers with high skills in specific areas.

Adoptive volunteers
Fosters provides care to animals that are not yet ready for adoption. We have a variety of animals that need foster care, including animals too young for adoption, breastfeeding mothers, animals that need supportive medical care or time to recover after surgery and temporary locations for owners in transition.
Mill of Dreams provides all the basic supplies you will need to care for the farm animals, including food, medicine, housing / kennels and toys. We provide training and care instructions for each breeding animal so that it knows exactly what each animal requires and we have veterinary and behavioral technicians who can provide help if necessary.
Encouraging is an immensely rewarding experience that you will never forget, changes the lives of animals in a very direct way. It is a wonderful experience for you and your family; You can feel good knowing that you have helped save the life of an animal. It is an excellent way for children to participate and learn about how to help others. Each animal fostered best creates space in the shelter to accommodate other homeless animals that also need our help. Foster animals provide company and purpose. Your act of kindness is rewarded with rewards that go beyond words.

Volunteer Application

volunteer application (docx)